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Advanced Warning Sign

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Advanced Warning Sign

Advanced Warning Signs are used to warn motorists of hazardous traffic conditions ahead. They are specifically designed to suit the application and come in 1, 2 or 3 message variations. Designed to Vic Roads Specifications they generally are of formed text type. Built using high quality Agilent Technologies LED’s and constructed from marine grade aluminum Compusign’s AWS is designed with a 40 year serviceable life. Support structures to suit any application can be provided.

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Technical Specification:
Marine Grade, Chromate dip pre-treatment and powder coated in matt black.
Enclosure IP Rating IP65

Lexan Antiglare UV Stabilised polycarbonate

Southco Link Lockable Latch

256 Levels – front and rear sensors.

Devices Yes in 2 or 4 Diameter subject to sign size

Digital I/O Provided
Sign can be activated via: GSM, GPRS, Radio Modem, Copper, Fibre, RS232, RS422, RS485 or SCATS.

Surge Protection:
Yes on Power Line and Data Lines.
Facility switch Yes – To RTA or Vicroads Standard fully IP65 escutcheon Plate. Available in 2 to 5 mode.

Pixel Detect ©*:
By Request.

Sign MTBF:
10 years.

Photometric & Color-metric Requirements:
To: VicRoads TCS 042-2-2005

Pixeldetect is Compusign”s patented method of scanning LED Matrices to check for failed LED pixels. Mission Critical display requirement.